A Word from our CEO

A word from our CEO As a very inexperienced learner driver in the 1980s, I needed luck to get my Ps and still more to survive those initial years on the road. Some of my mates and their passengers were not so lucky. But that should not have to be the experience for any young […]

Virtual turn for drivers

Virtual turn for drivers TEENS itching to get their driver’s licence are being taught about road safety in a new online program. The Steer Right program was developed in response to fears from road safety experts and school principals that teens were missing out on driver education during lockdown. The not-for-profit Fit to Drive Foundation […]

ABC Conversation Hour with Workshop Leader Jack Carpenter

Link to the segment (starts from 25 mins 40 seconds). Rural people are overrepresented in our road toll — so how do we reduce risky behaviour early? Fit to Drive is a program delivered by young adults in schools around the state to empower young people to recognise and extricate themselves from dangerous situations. Richelle and Warwick speak […]

ABC Conversation Hour with Advisory Group Member Dr Ray Shuey

Link to the segment. Dr Raymond Shuey is a former Victorian police officer and Assistant Commissioner for Traffic and Operations. His work bringing in the 50 km per hour speed limit in suburban areas is just one of many ways he’s saved lives throughout his career. The tragedy of road death was imprinted on Ray […]

Steering a licence solution

Tuesday 22 September 2020 YOUNG people are being denied the opportunity to obtain a driver’s licence during COVID-19 restrictions. Before the pandemic, Victorians learned to drive through stages — P1, P2 and then via the Graduate Licensing System, including 120 hours of logged supervised practice under different road and environmental conditions, followed by two computer-based […]

The F2D Year 11 Workshop reaches over 100,000 Year 11 students since 2014

The F2D Year 11 Workshop reaches over 100,000 Year 11 students since 2014 We waited to mark this achievement at McClelland College as that’s where you’ll find the very beginnings of this workshop after a community in trauma acted to keep their young people safe on the road.   The event celebrating the delivery of the […]

Celebrating 100 Steer Right Sessions

Celebrating 100 Steer Right Sessions 1 September 2020 Today, Fit to Drive have hit a significant milestone: 100 sessions with Steer Right! Since we first started delivering the webinar in May, developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have facilitated over 3000 students across 42 Victorian schools with encouraging feedback and outcomes. Steer Right […]

Our first two weeks back in Term 4!

Our first two weeks back in Term 4! It’s been just two weeks since Term 4 began, and already our facilitators have been making their mark in our road safety webinars ‘CARPOOL’ and ‘Steer Right’.   Williamstown High School responded to their community’s call for road safety education by hosting two eveningCARPOOL sessions, for around 90 households […]

Interviews with Fire Rescue Victoria

Interviews with Fire Rescue Victoria Leading Firefighter Dale Waterson – Thomastown Fire Station 1. How long have you been presenting Fit to Drive programs? Since June 2014. 2. What is your motivation for being involved in road safety education for young people? There are three main factors that motivate me to continue facilitating Fit to Drive […]