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  1. Promotes a culture of road safety by analysing the importance of risk awareness, making good choices and understanding the non-negotiable facts of road safety (VCE Health and Human Development Unit 3 Area of Study).

  2. Identifies the shared responsibility of young road users in reducing road trauma within their communities (VCAL Personal Development Skills Unit 2).

  3. Creates an environment where they practise speaking up, sharing their opinions and hearing from their peers regarding road safety issues. (VCAL Literacy Learning Outcome 2).

  4. Invites the opportunity for young people to share their differing experiences with unsafe driving behaviours and provokes discussion around safer choices (VCCCTQ045).

  5. Facilitates discussion to think critically about their personal responsibility, how peers can influence their decision-making and the consequences of risky driving behaviours (VCECD022VCECD023).

  6. Engages young people in relevant scenarios to plan, act, implement and evaluate strategies that are easy and effective for staying safe (ACPPS092ACPPS096ACPMP105, VCHPEP147, VCHPEP149, VCHPEP151). 

Activity Lesson Plans

Have a F2D Workshop coming up? Plan your lessons for before and after the workshop with these activities!

Fit to Drive - Year 11 F2D Workshop Students