F2D Workshop

Funded by the Department of Transport and TAC, Fit to Drive’s flagship program offers Year 11s a unique opportunity to examine the complexities of decision-making and risk assessment as a young road user.

Guided by our dedicated team of facilitators, students are taken through both large and small group activities, assessing what practical tools and strategies are needed to effectively keep themselves and their mates safe on the roads. At each stage, students are encouraged to discuss and share with each other their thinking about different road safety issues. The expertise of local Victoria Police and Fire Rescue Victoria officers are utilised as students are taken through the non-negotiable facts surrounding road laws and a relevant real-life case study.   

We can cater to your Year 11 or equivalent cohort size. Our ratio per classroom is 30 students to 1 facilitator. All groups are to be supervised by classroom teachers. 

Key Learnings

Students will: 

  • Be guided to examine the behaviours (of both drivers and passengers) and circumstances that increase and decrease risk of a crash, including those that are not seen as particularly risky or extreme  
  • Develop an informed approach to weighing up the costs and benefits when evaluating risk on the road to recognise when to speak up and practise what to say  
  • Role-play realistic scenarios to practise what they would say when they feel unsafe on the road  
  • Use personal strategies to avoid or manage risky situations as a passenger  
  • Make a commitment to the ongoing self-monitoring, reflection and refining of their personal safety plan    


0 %
indicated that they learnt what to say in risky driving situations
0 %
said they felt more confident to speak up in driving situations
0 %
learned how to plan ahead to avoid risky situations
0 %
believed the strategies would help them to plan to avoid risky situations in a car, either as a passenger or a driver


Costs to run the F2D Year 11 Workshop is dependent on student number, location of the school, and local funding availability. The Department of Transport provides partial funding for every workshop.

To get an accurate quote for your school, reach out to our booking team by emailing admin@f2d.com.au or calling 0438 677 898.