F2D Workshop

The F2D Workshop aims to prevent serious injuries and lives lost amongst young Victorian road users. The young people we engage with get a unique opportunity to explore the complexities of decision-making and assessing risk as a road user. 

Here’s what you need to know about the F2D Workshop: 

  • Started as a community response to a community issue 
  • Guided by a team of passionate facilitators  
  • Includes both large and small group interactive activities  
  • Supported by Victoria Police and Fire Rescue Victoria officers who attend on the day 
  • Educates on the road rules relevant to the Graduated Licensing System 
  • Equips young people with a kit bag of strategies to stay safe as a road user 

The F2D Workshop is about keeping young people safe regardless of what type of road user they are. 

Points of Discussion (PODs)

To ensure that the F2D Workshop addresses the unique challenges faced by different areas, we have developed Points of Discussion (PODs) that can be selected based on the specific themes and issues relevant to different cohorts. Education providers are encouraged to choose two 20 minute PODs from the boxes below, which will serve as the focal points for participant engagement.

In addition, the Victoria Police component contains important information related to all of these PODs so that there is still an opportunity for participants to consider the multitude of common risks affecting young road users.

F2D Workshop Outcomes

0 %
indicated that they learnt what to say in risky driving situations
0 %
said they felt more confident to speak up in driving situations
0 %
learned how to plan ahead to avoid risky situations
0 %
believed the strategies would help them to plan to avoid risky situations in a car, either as a passenger or a driver

Key Learning Outcomes

  1. Promotes a culture of road safety by analysing the importance of risk awareness, making good choices and understanding the non-negotiable facts of road safety (VCE Health and Human Development Unit 3 Area of Study).

  2. Identifies the shared responsibility of young road users in reducing road trauma within their communities (VCAL Personal Development Skills Unit 2).

  3. Creates an environment where they practise speaking up, sharing their opinions and hearing from their peers regarding road safety issues. (VCAL Literacy Learning Outcome 2).

  4. Invites the opportunity for young people to share their differing experiences with unsafe driving behaviours and provokes discussion around safer choices (VCCCTQ045).

  5. Facilitates discussion to think critically about their personal responsibility, how peers can influence their decision-making and the consequences of risky driving behaviours (VCECD022, VCECD023).

  6. Engages young people in relevant scenarios to plan, act, implement and evaluate strategies that are easy and effective for staying safe (ACPPS092, ACPPS096, ACPMP105, VCHPEP147, VCHPEP149, VCHPEP151). 

Fit to Drive - Year 11 F2D Workshop Students


Costs to run the F2D Year 11 Workshop is dependent on student number, location of the school, and local funding availability.

To get an accurate quote for your school, reach out to our booking team by emailing admin@fittodrive.org.au or calling 0438 139 214.