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They say it takes a village to raise a child, and learning to drive is no different. The Green Light Initiative  is a community-based program aiming to strengthen partnerships between Learners and their supervising drivers and promote safe driving in Australia.  The Green Light Initiative and Fit To Drive Foundation strive to develop solutions to improve youth road safety. 

Safe Driving Australia

Delivered in collaboration with Victoria Police, the Green Light Initiative was developed in response to a community desire for a return to face-to-face programs that tackle issues regarding safe driving in Australia for youths and young adults.

Up to 80 people can participate in one Green Light Initiative session, which is free for attendees. The in-person format involves a mixture of large group discussions as well as small group brainstorming, to encourage open dialogues between Learners and their supervising drivers. Participants also engage with Victoria Police officers to learn L-plate relevant rules and restrictions, and create an actionable plan to tackle a local road safety issue. 

Green Light Initiative Road Safety Workshop

What to expect?

  • We provide a platform that strengthens partnerships between young people and supervising drivers, to increase their confidence with learning to use the roads
  • Participants gain an understanding of the key resources and current Victorian road laws related to young people learning to use the roads
  • As a local community, participants engage with local Victoria Police officers to discuss the road safety concerns prevalent within their area, and to create tangible solutions to travel safely  

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