A Word from our CEO

As a very inexperienced learner driver in the 1980s, I needed luck to get my Ps and still more to survive those initial years on the road. Some of my mates and their passengers were not so lucky. But that should not have to be the experience for any young drivers today; nor the toll taken on their friends, partners and families.

Good driver behaviours for young drivers and their passengers in 2021 is all about empowerment; instilling road safety knowledge, awareness, and responsibility both at work and play. That is why I am committed to Fit to Drive’s vision of young lives free of road trauma. And why, building on the legacy of a trusted organisation which as Victoria’s leading road safety education provider has, in cooperation with the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), VicRoads, Department of Transport, Victoria Police and Fire and Rescue Victoria (FRV), WorkSafe and industry among other major partners, through our programs reached out and influenced behaviours and outcomes for thousands of Victorians including young road users, their families and local communities. In cooperation with our partners, Fit to Drive will also be building on this legacy to develop new strategies to target vulnerable and disadvantaged younger road users and for whom the vehicle is also a place of work.

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