About Us

A leading road safety educator 

Fit to Drive was launched in 2002 after 7 young people lost their lives in road crashes in an 18-month period in Frankston and Mornington Peninsula. 

As a result, community members including principals, teachers, parents and students banded together as they recognised the urgent need for a new approach to road safety education. What followed was the introduction of our first program, the F2D Year 11 Workshop.

In the past two decades, Fit to Drive has established partnerships with leading road safety authorities, including TAC, Department of Transport, Victoria Police and Fire Rescue Victoria.

Together, our programs have reached nearly every local government area in Victoria. In only the last five years, we have reached almost 140,000 Victorian students since 2014.

We pride ourselves on delivering relevant, informative, and interactive workshops. Our current program offerings include the F2D Workshop, Steer Right online webinar, and the Green Light Initiative (GLI). We offer these programs in partnership with education providers, local councils and service groups, and emergency services including Victoria Police and Fire Rescue Victoria.

The importance of road safety for young people

Road crashes are the second leading cause of death for young Australians. Young people are tragically overrepresented in road trauma, accounting for one-quarter of driver fatalities yet only 13 per cent of all licensed drivers. 

The most significant challenges that young drivers face include:

  • Inexperience
  • Distractions – mobile phones & multiple passengers
  • Speeding
  • Fatigue
  • Drugs/Alcohol

We fundamentally believe in the power of young people to create change in making our roads a safer place for all. Therefore, Fit to Drive’s programs use a tailored approach ensuring we focus on the young people in the room, meeting their needs and building on their ideas and abilities to foster a positive road safety culture.