Steer Right

Our first online webinar Steer Right prepares young people to use the road safely by engaging them in an interactive, fast paced quiz with scenarios and live discussion.

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Students are equipped with the knowledge of relevant road laws to support their Graduated Licensing System (GLS) journey as they are guided by two dedicated facilitators in tackling current and common issues that young road users experience. Developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Steer Right can be delivered remotely for students learning from home or at school. 

There are two additional adapted versions of Steer Right available for Regional and Rural Schools, as well as Specialist and Alternative cohorts.

Up to 100 students can participate in a single-session, and multiple sessions can be run simultaneously.  

Steer Right is hosted through Zoom, where teachers are provided with a link from their Fit to Drive contact to project to their class.  Students participate in Steer Right at school by having access to an internet-connected device each (e.g. laptop or phone) to ensure everyone has individual opportunity to engage in our online interactive platform.  

Key Learnings

Students will: 

  • Engage in guided reflection on the session and their learning
  • Consider how they would feel and respond in unsafe passenger situations as modelled by other young people 
  • Engage in a fast-paced, interactive Victoria Police quiz designed to introduce them to the road safety facts and statistics most relevant to them 
  • Be guided by Fire Rescue Victoria to navigate scenarios to consider their response to a risky or unsafe situation 

Student Feedback

"Really great and informative! The program touched on things that I didn’t actually know rather than focusing on the obvious rules. I felt really comfortable asking questions and I found it easy to participate in the quiz”
Mullauna College Student


To get an accurate quote for your school, reach out to our booking team by emailing or calling 0438 139 214.