Work Smart Drive Smart

A TAC Pilot Program
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Fit To Drive Foundation is pleased to announce we will be the service provider of a new pilot workplace road safety education program developed by the TAC.  Work Smart Drive Smart is a free, evidence based, practical learning program for new apprentices in the construction trades running in 2024.

The program is designed to equip new apprentices on their P plates who are required to drive for work, with the knowledge and skills to help them safely navigate the unique driving challenges they experience in the workplace.

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Work Smart Drive Smart is free and delivered by trained road safety facilitators and experienced trade trainers. The workplace road safety program is a half-day program, incorporating a mix of interactive learning, physical demonstrations, and practical application.

To conduct the program, our team will visit on-site at your facility. For this, a suitable room or classroom space and an open area are necessary for practical learning demonstrations using the program’s ute and van demonstration vehicles.

Minimum program space requirements include:

  • A quiet room or covered space with seating for up to 15 people. The space must have power access.
  • Minimum 30 minutes of access before and after the session for setup and packing down.
  • Adequate space to comfortably fit a 4WD ute towing a trailer and a van for participant demonstrations.
  • Undercover space such as a garage or carport for vehicle demonstrations is preferred. Outdoor options can be used if weather is appropriate.

During the program, apprentices will learn about key road safety risks, such as mobile phone usage, fatigue, and safe work vehicle characteristics. The hands-on, practical environment enables facilitators to assist participants in developing strategies for navigating risky situations on the job.

Key Learnings

To recognise the relationship between crash type, speed and survivability. Including stopping distances for vehicles and when under load or towing trailers.

To assist participants to develop strategies to deal with unsafe driving and passenger behaviours.

To develop an understanding of how to pack and restrain a safe and legal load. Understand the legal responsibilities of safe loading and restraint of load on vehicles.

To recognise that there are driving and passenger behaviours and circumstances that increase crash risk and questions own perceptions of what risky behaviour is.

To be able to identify key vehicle safety features and their importance using the program’s demonstration vehicles.

To know how to identify the safest vehicle they can afford and to encourage participants to look for the safest vehicle they can afford when purchasing a vehicle.

Booking – Make an enquiry today!

Are you an employer or organisation with P-plate apprentices needing to drive for work? Submit an enquiry with our online booking form! Individual apprentices are also welcomed and encouraged to make casual bookings.

Once a booking inquiry is made, our team will get in contact with you directly to organise an appropriate time and site visit. Additionally, our team will assess whether you have appropriate space available for the program.

If there is no appropriate space, we can help you explore alternative options.

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