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Fit to Drive has delivered road safety education programs for young people and the community since 2014. We pride ourselves on delivering relevant, informative, and interactive workshops. Our current program offerings include the F2D Workshop, Steer Right online webinar, and the Green Light Initiative (GLI). We offer these programs in partnership with education providers, local councils and service groups, and emergency services including Victoria Police and Fire Rescue Victoria.

We fundamentally believe in the power of young people to create change in making our roads a safer place. Our tailored approach ensures that we focus on the young people in the room, meeting their needs and building on their ideas, in turn for creating a positive road safety culture within their communities.

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Fit to Drive Workshop

Fit to Drive’s flagship program offers Year 11s a unique opportunity to examine the complexities of decision-making and risk assessment as a young road user. Guided by our dedicated team of facilitators, students are taken through both large and small group activities, assessing what practical tools and strategies are needed to effectively keep themselves and their mates safe on the roads. At each stage, students are encouraged to discuss and share with each other their thinking about different road safety issues. The expertise of local Victoria Police and Fire Rescue Victoria officers are utilised as students are taken through the non-negotiable facts surrounding road laws and a relevant real-life case study.  

Work Smart Drive Smart

A TAC Pilot Program

Fit To Drive Foundation is pleased to announce we will be the service provider of a new pilot workplace road safety education program developed by the TAC.  Work Smart Drive Smart is a free, evidence based, practical learning program for new apprentices in the construction trades running in 2024.

The program is designed to equip new apprentices on their P plates who are required to drive for work, with the knowledge and skills to help them safely navigate the unique driving challenges they experience in the workplace.

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Green Light Initiative

Road safety impacts the entire community, requiring a whole community response. The Green Light Initiative empowers young people to make safer choices on our roads, through the strengthening of partnerships between inexperienced young road users, their families, and the wider community. With the involvement of local Victoria Police officers, participants are familiarised with the key resources and current road laws relevant for young learners, as well being given the opportunity to address key road safety concerns in their local area. 

Steer Right

Our interactive online webinar Steer Right prepares young people to use the road safely by engaging them in an engaging, fast paced quiz with scenarios and live discussion. Students are equipped with the knowledge of relevant road laws to support their Graduated Licensing System (GLS) journey as they are guided by two dedicated facilitators in tackling current and common issues that young road users experience.

*Tailored versions available for regional and rural cohorts, as well as specialist and alternative schools

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