Celebrating 100 Steer Right Sessions

1 September 2020

Today, Fit to Drive have hit a significant milestone: 100 sessions with Steer Right! Since we first started delivering the webinar in May, developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have facilitated over 3000 students across 42 Victorian schools with encouraging feedback and outcomes.

Steer Right was developed as a single session interactive and live-facilitated webinar to capture the same student engagement levels as our face-to-face workshops. It features discussions, activities, and videos supported by our partners at Fire Rescue Victoria and Victoria Police.

We do not utilise any scare tactics or driving instruction, and instead equip young people with the necessary strategies, phrases and information to keep themselves and their mates safe on the road.

Additionally, students are guided to develop a deeper understanding of decision making and risk assessment as it applies to them as young road users during COVID-19 restrictions and beyond.

We marked our 100th Steer Right session with our passionate facilitators Kimberly and Alan and the Year 11s at Geelong College.

The students shared their thoughts on the program.

“It was fantastic, refreshed my knowledge, and informed me of many things and road rules I was not aware of. The presenters were great and highly engaging. I highly recommend this condensed road safety program, it was definitely worth the time!!!”

“I really liked it, it was refreshing and interactive which kept it engaging. The presenters were really bubbly and nice!” 

Teachers have also remarked on the program.

“Thank you! That was much more engaging than what I had when I was at school, we got spoken down to, you spoke at their level.”

“Without exaggerating, that was the most animated and involved I have seen them during the entirety of our remote-learning experience this term.”

Road safety education for young people is more important than ever, particularly with the impending rush of licence testing and new road users once restrictions are lifted.

The running of Steer Right demonstrates Fit to Drive’s continued commitment to their vision of keeping ‘Young Lives Free from Road Trauma’.

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