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When you are driving do you send off a quick text at the lights, or find it hard not to look at your phone when it pings? We know we shouldn’t do it but it feels like almost everyone is. Phone distraction in the car dangerous and can cause injury or death, not just to yourself but to others either inside or outside you car.

In this edition of The Conversation Hour the team delve into how serious the issue of driver distraction is and what we can to mitigate the temptation to look at our phones when driving


  • Richelle Hunt, Presenter
  • Daniel Miles, Presenter

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Fit To Drive Foundation was launched in 2002 after 7 young people lost their lives in an 18-month period in Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula. Community members including principals, teachers, parents and students banded together as they recognised the urgent need for a new approach to road safety education. What followed was the introduction of our first program, the F2D Year 11 Workshop.

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