Smarter Moves

Smarter Moves supports young people and their parents/carers create a mutual understanding of safer ways to travel for young people. 

Working separately and then coming together,  Smarter Moves acts as a bridge for young people and their parents/carers to develop honest and open communication around safer travel options through a better understanding of the influences on behaviour that can lead to risk taking.   

This program is delivered in a community setting. We can accommodate up to 60 people or 25 pairs per session.  

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What to expect​

  • Small discussion groups for young people are delivered by trained near-peer facilitators. This helps to create an environment where the young people are more willing to express ideas and opinions around risk, perceptions and decision making  
  • Small group discussion for parents/carers or other significant adults, are delivered by experienced facilitators and explore the developmental stages of young people and the research and information regarding the Graduated Licensing System  
  • Joint sessions encourage open discussion to plan strategies for safe travel for young people whether as a passenger, pedestrian, cyclist or a young driver and the development of an individualised safe travel agreement where young people and their parents/carers, or other significant adults, agree on strategies to ensure safer travel 

Student Feedback

“Makes you think about how my expectations may be different from my kids. Good interactions with everybody”
Smarter Moves Parent Participant


The Smarter Moves Community Forum is fully funded by the Department of Transport. There is zero cost to community organisations who host or to participants who attend the forum.